The office cleaning Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen

The modern man or woman usually relies on a checklist of things to do, usually in supermarkets they bring lists of what to buy so nothing important is left out, even when they cleaning homes and offices usually there is a checklist of things to be cleaned. Without a checklist not everything can be noted in one's mind, and it is impossible to remember everything to be done. Since most companies rely on cleaning services each of this have what they called an office cleaning services check list which are on each floor or department so that everything is cleaned and sorted out in an orderly fashion.


An office cleaning services check list usually starts with the breakdown of the rooms in the department or floor. From reception area, manager's office, function room's and rest rooms. All these are given a task to each of the cleaning personnel, who in turn relies on the checklist on a given room to be cleaned or filled out. Even when everything is done these service people, still manage to observe if something goes wrong so that everything will be fixed immediately. An example is if there are adequate toiletries in the bathrooms or if the floor in the reception area is wet or damp that could cause accidents or injuries if someone runs through.

The office cleaning services check list is not something to be ignored. These tasks are like our everyday jobs given to these people who in turn does their very best to keep everything in the company clean and in order from the bottom floor to the top.


With the economy still slumping, many businesses are so preoccupied with recovering their industry and their developing strategies on how they would meet their sales targets. That is why most often they pay little attention to one aspect of their business environment that is frequently overlooked but still very important in their business operation, that is, office cleaning.

Many people are unaware that a tidy office and workplace can actually increase their productivity and efficiency at work. It is no wonder that most offices, because of demanding jobs and so much paper works, tend to have untidy desks with tons of files and papers. Aside from that, employees with stressful workload often times find workspace cleaning tough and challenging. Because of this, a good solution for many people who are in the business industry is to find a cleaning service that would do the dirty work for them. For this reason, cleaning service has been one of the easiest and most in demand businesses today.

If you're planning to start this kind of business, one of the skills that you need to focus on is the office cleaning. Office cleaning is one of the most important tasks you could do since offices are often troubled by clutter, dirt and dusts coming from human traffic in urban places. Also, proper waste disposal is office cleaning a major concern in most businesses as part of the urban garbage problem. Thus, to free the businesses and companies from worrying about cleaning their office, office cleaning services are on the rescue in keeping the workplace presentable and sanitary.

The first thing that you need to consider when you're planning to venture into this kind of business is having a business permit and license for your business to operate. Of course, you probably do not want to have legal problems in the future so make sure that your operation is officially authorized and you have undergone all the necessary training in handling this business. Also, you should have in mind what kind of cleaning services you would want to offer to your future customers.


Next, you need to search your possible clients. Target office complexes where you can find numerous businesses clustered together. Try to get their contacts, and advertise your new cleaning business. Make sure that you are equipped with the needed and latest cleaning tools and materials so that you can perform your cleaning tasks more effectively and easily. If you performed well and did a good job, perhaps your clients will recommend you to other business. By this way, you can now build up your pool of clients.

Start first with small businesses when you're only starting building your reputation as a good cleaning service provider. Then, after some time, when you start getting more and more clients, you can hire more workers and staff. But make sure that all of your workers are properly trained and supervised. Train them to be friendly and reliable to clients when providing a cleaning service. Also, instruct them to complete all the commercial cleaning tasks at a time and schedule agreed upon between you and your client. As long as you and your workers do a great job, you'll see that your monthly income will soar in just few months.